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Versions of An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop


There are two versions of my text. Each version is available in four forms: (1) as hard-bound, full-color books, (2) in PDF form, (3) in an eBook form for iPads, iPhones, Kindles, and Android tablets and phones, and (4) as PowerPoint-like presentations with voice.

The two versions of An Introduction to Chemistry present the same information, but they do it in a different order.

Many instructors like getting to chemical reactions early, and students like postponing the math-related topics of chemistry. To make this possible, the chemistry-first version postpones the math topics until mid-book (Chapters 8, 9, 10, and 13 mostly), presents a brief introduction of atomic theory and bonding early (Chapters 2 and 3) that is completed later (Chapters 11 and 12), and gets to chemical changes earlier than other texts (Chapters 4-6). (Chapter 8 on unit conversions was written so it could be presented early...after Chapter 1.) You can get more information on this version from its preface and table of contents.

Preface chemistry-first

Table of Contents chemistry-first

Many instructors and students prefer to move from simple to more complex...atoms to elements to bonding to compounds to chemical a more systematic way. The atoms-first version provides a more complete description of atomic theory and bonding early (Chapters 3-5) and describes chemical reactions later (Chapters 7-9). It also presents the math-related topics earlier. It has two fewer chapters because the chemistry-first version's chapter on energy was separated into parts and put into two other chapters, and a similar thing was done with the chemistry-first chapter on mole calculations dealing with chemical formulas. You can read more about the atoms-first version at

Preface atoms-first

Table of Contents atoms-first

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