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Chemistry 10 Introductory Lecture


PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Presentations 

Chemistry 10 Introduction

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Shorter

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

Chapter 13

Chapter 16






Chapter One

Chapter 1 Glossary Quiz

Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Glossary Quiz

Structure of Matter

Element Names and Symbols

Element Properties




Chapter Four

Chapter 4 Glossary Quiz

Complete Electron Configurations

Complete Electron Configurations Help

Abbreviated Electron Configurations

Abbreviated Electron Configurations Help

Chapter Five

Chapter 5 Glossary Quiz

The Structure of Water

Tetrahedral Shape   


Chapter Six

Chapter 6 Glossary Quiz

Acid Animation


Chapter Seven

Chapter 7 Glossary Quiz

Animation for Structure of Water

Animation of Dissolving NaCl

Animation of a Precipitation Reaction

Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 Glossary Quiz

Acid/Base Reaction Animation 

Identifying Acids and Bases Tutorial

Identifying Acids and Bases Help

Chapter Nine

Chapter 9 Glossary Quiz

Checklist for Chapter 9

Single-Displacement Reaction

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter 13 Glossary Quiz

Checklist for Chapter 13

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16 Glossary Quiz